Can | make a phone call on a Delta flight?

In case you have a flight with Delta, and you need to attend a very important call on the flight and are worried about how you

will attend the call on a Delta Flight. According to Delta Airlines policy, passengers’ electronic devices should be in flight mode 

Delta customer service number +1 (844) 540–1115 or +1(888) 346–0925.

as it may disrupt the signals on the ground. But if the call is very important, then you can make a call on the flight with the

permission of an official.

How can | make a phone call on a Delta flight?

To be able to make a call on the Delta Flight, you need to connect to the flight’s wi-fi, and you need to pay the service charges

for the wi-fi connection. Follow the below steps to connect your phone to the flight's Wi-Fi and make a call while flying on the

Delta Flight:

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi on your device,

  •  Connect with the flight's wi-fi connectivity,

  • Then, go to the settings on your phone,

  •  Click on the Cellular option,

  •  Enable the Wi-Fi calling feature,

  •  Some pop-ups may appear while doing so,

  •  Now, you can make a call at Delta Flight with Wi-Fi connectivity.

After connecting your device with the Delta flight's wi-fi, you can use Whatsapp, google duo, or another calling provider app to

make a call to the desired person. The internet connection will allow you to contact someone from the middle of the sky.

How do | call on a Delta flight a representative?

You can reach out to a Delta representative for your queries by availing of their contact number from the website. The below

steps will help you to reach the customer service team by phone:

¢ Dial the Delta Airlines Phone Number 800-221-1212 or 1 406 902 1212

« Follow the instructions of IVR,

« Press 1 for flight status,

Press 2 for Booking queries,

Press 3 for Cancelation queries,

« Press * to speak directly with a live person at Delta.

In case your hold time is very long, and you need to talk to a live representative of Delta at the moment, then consider another

way to speak with the representative. Some of the methods are mentioned below where you will acquire assistance:



Send a Message

An email will be sent to the owner

+1 (844) 540–1115 or +1(888) 346–0925.